top 1000 gk questions answer in english with pdf download

top 1000 gk questions answer in english with pdf,to day share most top 1000 gk questions answer in english with pdf for  rail,army,navy,wbcs,IAS,wbp exam.we are update regular, so we read complete…

top 1000 gk questions answer in english with pdf

1. Who discovered penicillin?
Answer:- A Fleming.

3. A rocket can rise due to the reaction of
Answer- the downward rising gas.

4. CNG means-
Answer: Compressed Natural Gas.

5. Human body cells contain-
Answer:- 44 chromosomes.

6. Vitamin A deficiency results in:
Answer:- Ratkana.

7. What is the name of ICICI?
Answer:- Economic institutions.

8. Which works instead of Planning Commission?

Answer:- NITI Aayog.

9. Which clause separates Jammu and Kashmir from the rest of India, which was recently repealed?
Answer: – Dhara

10. GST was implemented in India through which constitutional amendment?
Answer:- 101st Amendment.

11. The President shall be elected by-
Ans:- Electoral Collegium.

12. The state of Telangana was formed in the year which is
-Answer:- 2014.
13. Victoria Falls is located in –
Ans: – Africa.

14. Jhum is a-
Answer:- system of cultivation.

15. What is the term Ramsar site related to?
Answer:- Swamp.

top 1000 gk questions answer in english with pdf download

16. The battle of Plasci was fought between:-
Ans:- Clive and Siraj.

17. In which year Subhash Chandra Bose was elected as the President of Congress?
Answer:- In 1938.

18. Khudiram Bose’s helper in the attack on Judge Kingsford was –
Answer: – Prafulla Chaki.

19. The Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place for the

Answer-Rowlatt Act.

20. Which person was a member of Deen-e-Ilahi?

Answer:- King Birbal.

21. The Simon Commission boycott in 1928 was due to-
Answer: The Commission had no Indian members.

22. In which novel by Bankimchandra is the song ‘Vandematram’?
Answer:- Ananda Math.

23. Whose nickname is Nilohit?
Answer:- Sunil Gangopadhyay.

24. Which is the highest peak in West Bengal?
Answer:- Sandakfu.

25. Which is the first oil mine in India?
Answer:- Digboy.

top 1000 gk questions answer in english

26. If the Speaker of the Lok Sabha wants to resign, to whom should he submit his resignation letter?
Answer: Vice-speaker

28. Who calls and announces the adjournment of the session of the Lok Sabha?
Answer:- President.

29. Who presides over the session of Lok Sabha?
Answer:- Principal.

top 1000 gk questions answer in english with pdf download

30. Which is the largest irrigation canal in India?
Answer:- Indragandhi Canal.

31. Who painted the picture ‘The Last Suffer’?
Answer:- Leonardo da Vinci.

32. Which is India’s first hydroelectric power plant?

Answer:- Shivasmudram.

33. What is the name of the book written by Kalhan?

Answer:- Rajatarangini.

36. The Chief Election Commissioner is appointed for how many years?
Answer: 6 years.

37. Who is called ‘Napoleon of India’?
Answer: Samudragupta.

38. Who was the first Governor General of independent India?
Answer:- Lord Mountbatten.

39. The first woman president of Indian National Congress was- –
Ans:- Annie Besant.

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40. Who deciphered Ashoka’s inscriptions first?

Answer:- James Prinsep.

41. Who composed the Allahabad Prasthi?
-Answer: Harisen.

42. Which sultan of Delhi took measures to regulate markets and prices?
Answer:- Alauddin Khalji.

43. Neeldarpan was written by
Answer-Deenbandhu Mitra.

44. Origin of Narmada is
Answer- Amarkantak.

45. The largest corpus weaving center in South India is-

Ans:- Coimbatore.

46. ​​If the velocity of an object is doubled, the kinetic energy of the object is quadrupled.

47. Where is urea synthesized?
Answer:- Liver.

48. The Aga Khan Cup is awarded in the sport –


49. Mallika Sarabhai is associated with which field?

Answer:- Classical dance.

51. The existing states with Cauvery river water distribution are –
Answer-Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

top 1000 gk questions answer in english with pdf download

52. The minimum voting age in India has been reduced from 21 years to 18 years –
Ans: – 61st Amendment Act.


53. The reason why Sundarbans is called a ‘World Heritage Site’ is the mangrove area and the abundance of different organisms within it.


54. Calling Baliari running –

Answer- Priyan.


55. The term ‘rebound’ is related to which sport?
Answer:- Basketball.

56. EXIM Bank of-
Answer- India functions for import and export of India

57. ‘Society of Practice’ established in-

59. The procedure for removing the President of India (Impeachment) is mentioned in Article No. 61.


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60. Who was the President of the first session of the Indian Parliament?
Answer:- Dr. Rajendraprasad.


61. The Fourth Buddhist Council was held under whose initiative?
Answer:- Kanishka.


62. When did the Battle of Boxer take place?
Answer:- In 1764

63. Where was the first university established in India in 1857?
Answer:- Calcutta.


64. Who was the first Governor General of British India?

Answer:- Lord William Benting.


65. Who led the looting of Chittagong Armory?
Answer: Surya Sen.


66. Who participated in the third round table meeting?

Answer:- BR Ambedkar.


67. Who founded Banaras Hindu University?

Answer:- Madanmohan Malvya.


69. Which is the hottest planet?
Answer:- Venus.

71. Which region receives rain twice a year?
Answer:- Tamil Nadu.

top 1000 gk questions answer in english with pdf download

72. What type of mirror is used in Datta examination mirror?
Answer: Concave mirror.


73. The heat of the sun is measured with the help of which instrument?
Answer:- Pyrometer.


74. Which is the basic unit of measure of luminous intensity?
Answer:- Candela.


:75 Bhopal gas accident was caused by release of MIC gas, namely
Answer– North-Methyl Isocyanate.


76. Nocturnal disease is caused by lack of vitamin-
Ans:- Vitamin-A


77.And frequency spread of shrutiyoga sound is-
Ans:- 20Hz- 20,000 Hz


78. Mirage is caused by- Total internal reflection of light.


79. Indian constitution can be amended according to which article?
Answer:- Art. 368


80. Article 35A of the Indian Constitution relates to which state?
Answer:- Janmu and Kashmir.


81. What happens in deciduous trees?

Answer:- Leaves fall in winter.


82. Which Indian ruler introduced Deen-e-Ilahi?


83. Non-cooperation movement started in which year?

Answer:- In 1920.


85… Which hormone is used to ripen raw fruit?
Answer:- Ethylene.


86. Which is the fourth state of matter?
Answer:- Plasma.


87. In which year was the Indian Citizenship Act passed?
Answer:- In 1955.


88. What physical quantity is measured by ‘kilowatt hours’?
Answer:- Electricity.


89. Two explorers on the moon standing next to each other and talking –
Answer- cannot hear each other at all.

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90. Nagarjuna Sagar Project is located on which river?
Answer: Krishna.


91. Widow Marriage Act’ was passed in which year?

Answer:- In 1856.


92. Which is the oldest civilization in India?
Answer:- Mehrgarh Civilization.


93. Which metal is lighter than water?
Answer:- Sodium.


94. Who wrote “Humayunnama”?
Answer:- Gulbadan Begum.


95. Which Gupta emperor took the title Shakari?

Answer:- Chandragupta II.

top 1000 gk questions answer in english with pdf download

96. Who was the founder of Rashtrakuta dynasty?

Answer: Dastidurga.


97. Where is the headquarters of “INTERPOL” located?



98. When did the Santal “Chal” Rebellion take place?
Answer:- In 1885.


99. World Organ Donation Day (World Organ Donation Day) is observed on which day?
Answer:- 13th August.


100. “Tripitaka” of Buddhism is written in which language?
Answer:- Pali.


101. Who wrote the book “A Brief History of Time”?
Answer:- Stephen Hawkins.


102. Who is called the pioneer of railway construction in India?
Answer:- Lord Dalhousie.


103. In which year did the English “Manwantar Chhyatar” in Bengal take place?
Answer:- In 1770.


104. In which country will the 2023 Cricket World Cup be held?
Answer:- India.


105. The amendment procedure of Indian constitution is modeled on the constitution of which country?
Answer:- South Africa.


106. Who introduced the practice of Kaulinya?
Answer:- Ballal Sen.


107. When was the Hindu College established in Calcutta?
Answer:- In 1817.


108. Who was the first Home Minister of India?
Answer:- Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel.


109. The oldest mountain range in India is –


110. Summer Solstice (Northern) occurs in Southern Hemisphere-
Answer – 22nd December.


112. Which item is widely used for food preservation?
Answer:- Benzoic acid.


113. Where is Dilwara Jain temple located?
Answer:- Mount Abu.

114. The instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure is-
Answer- Barometer.

115. Who is known as Iron Man?
Answer:- Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

116, Who is the author of the book Main Cath?
Answer:- Edlon Hitler.


117. Cause of light yellow color of cow’s milk
Answer – It contains carotene.


118. Which class of peaver is the human hand?
Answer:- Third class.


119. What are the words bull and beer related to?
Answer:- Stock market.


120. What is the unit of light square?
Answer:- Distance.


121. Who is the author of the book ‘My Music, My Life’?
Answer:- Pandit Ravi Shankar.


122. Pandit Sivakumar Sharma made outstanding contribution to which mechanical engineering?
Answer:- Sambhar.

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top 1000 gk questions answer in english with pdf download

top 1000 gk questions answer in english with pdf download

top 1000 gk questions answer in english with pdf download

top 1000 gk questions answer in english with pdf download

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