Best gk question in history with pdf | indian 200 gk

gk question in history with pdf | indian history gk with pdf we are share to day most vital 1000 gk question in history with pdf | indian history gk with pdf for mainly RAIL,ARMY,IAS,WBCS and WBP exam.

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Best gk question in history with pdf | indian 200 gk

145: Who was the founding commander of the Indian National Army (INA)? – Apt Mohan Singh.

146. Who coined the slogan ‘Inclub Zindabad’?
-Bhagat sing.

147. NABARD (Miscellaneous) Organization involved – Village Development.

148. Aspirin is chemically -acetyl salicylic acid.

150. During whose reign ‘Javat’ land system was introduced?
– Shersha.

151. No names were clan names of sultans

152. Who was the President of Swarajya Dal
– CR Das.

153. The pyrimidine bases of DNA are
– thymine and cytomine.

154, Pitt’s India Act was enacted in which year
-. 1784.

155. Hindu Widow Remarriage Act enacted.
– 1856.

156. Proponent of the theory of ‘natural selection’ is
-Charles Darwin.

157. Who was the president of the Constituent Assembly?
– C. Rajagopalachari

158. In which year the capital of India shifted from Calcutta to Delhi?
– 1911 .

159. The single currency of India is issued by the
—Ministry of Finance, Government of India

gk question in history with pdf | indian history gk with pdf


160. Who introduced railway and its system in India?
-Lord Dalhousie.

161. The First Maratha War took place during the reign of
– Warren Hastings.

162. India’s first Five Year Plan started – in 1951

163. What was the effective date of partition?
– 16th October 1905.

164. When and where Ghadar Party was founded
– America, 1913

165. Gandhiji’s Famous Quote Failed on the Bank’s Future Dated Cheka
– Crips Mission Arrival.

166. India embarked on two successive plans during which ?
– Fourth Five Year Plan.

167. Who framed the Vernacular Press Act
– Lord Lytton .

168. Lucknow Agreement (1916) was signed between whom?
– Indian National Congress and Muslims.

169. Who was Titumir?
The leader of the Wahhabi movement.

170. Arya Samaj was established in Bombay :
– 1875.

171. Did the Dundee campaign?
– 12th March, 1930.

172. Who is the founder of Indian Association?

– Surendranath Banerjee.

Best gk question in history with pdf | indian 200 gk

173. Who was the founder of Bahmani dynasty?
– allauddin hasshan bahmani shao.

174. Panchayat system was introduced in India by –
By the 73rd Constitutional Amendment.

175. In which year the second battle of Panipat took place?
– 1556 AD.

177. Who was the founder of Asiatic Society?
– William Jones.
178. Where is Zaheer’s monument located?
– Lahore.

179. Who was the founder of Delhi Sultanate?
– Qutubuddin Aibak.

gk question in history with pdf | indian history gk 


180, Who was the founder president of Indian National Congress-

-w c bannerji.

182. According to the Constitution of India education includes

– Joint listing.

183. What is the unit of light year? Distance 184. On which river did Alexander fight against Puru

– Jhelum

185. The most rarefied gas in the atmosphere is
– Helium.

186. Where is the origin of Damodar river?
-Rajmahal Plateau,

187. Causes of AIDS
– Viruses.

188, Where is the Forest Research Center of India located?
– Dehradun.

189. Which of the following is not recognized as a fundamental right in the Constitution? –
Right to adequate livelihood.

190. Digested food is absorbed
– in small.

191. Which was a major port in Indus Sambhuta
– Lokhal.

192. Seismograph is a
– measure of earthquakes.

193. In which year the National Congress accepted the ‘Full Swaraj’ proposal?
– 1930.

194. Where is the origin of Narmada river?
Amarkantak Plateau .

196. Who composed Aihole Prasthi?
– Ravi Kirti .

197. All India Trade Union formed by
– 1920

198. Which state in India produces the most cotton?
– Maharashtra.

199. Tevaga movement started in Bengal?
– 1946.

200. In which year Muhammad bin Kashim occupied Sindh?
– 712 AD.

201. Who is the founder of Das dynasty?
– Qutubuddin Aibak.

202. India-China war took place in which year?
– 1962.

203. Which Mughal emperor suppressed the Portuguese in Bengal?
– Shahjaha.

204. Coal in India mainly
– Bituminous.

205. Who Translated ‘Neel Darpan’?
– Michael Madhusudan dutta.

206. Where did the ‘green revolution’ first take place?
– Punjab and Haryana.

207. Where did the Bhil rebellion take place?
– Chotanagpur.

208. Principle of Expropriation’ was introduced by
– Lord Dalhousie.

209, founded ‘Prayer Society
‘ – Atmaram Pandurang.

gk question in history with pdf | indian history gk with pdf


210. In which year Mahatma Gandhi started non-cooperation movement?
– 1920.

211. Who made the famous film ‘Bharat Mata’?
– Abanindranath Tagore.

212. Creator of Facebook
– Mark Zuckerberg.

213 Who was the last Governor General of India
-Chakraborty Rajagopalachari?

215 Higgs boson’ is a -fundamental particle.

216. Lake Lektak is situated in which state
– Manipur.

217 Who said “Ara Bangla Ma Bhave Bale Bharat Ta Bhave”?
– GK Gokhale .

218, Subhash Chandra was elected Congress President for the second time.
– in Tripura

219. Santal rebellion happened in which year?
– 1855.

220. Who is the author of the book “Reading is now an unBritish form in India”?
– Dadabhai Naorji.

221. Arya founded the society
– Dayananda Saraswati.

222. Name of India’s third research center at Kumeru
– Indian.

223, “three bigha corrida added
– India and Bangladesh.

224. started the Aligarh movement
– Syed Ahmed Khan.

225. Meerut big case started. In
– 1929.

226. What type of cable is used for telecommunication?
:- Micro wave.

227 is the exact year and date of commencement of the Constitution of India
-26 January 1950.

228. Who was the British Prime Minister at the time of India’s independence?
– Clement etli.

229. Correct pronunciation of the term “habeas corpus”.
– To present a person in person.

230. Indus River originates from -Manas Sarovar lake
231. Protein identification test is
– Curate test.

232. Who attacked Lord Hardinge in 1912?
-Rasbihari Bose.

1233, refers to the Krishna soil of Maharashtra
– Regur.

234. A king of the Aptavamsa was known as ‘Licchabidauhitra’
– Samudragupta.


235, in which session of Congress the full emancipation of women was first brought up
– Lahore.

237. Which Mughal Emperor shifted the capital from Agra to Delhi?
– Shah Jahan.

238. Who was the leader of Huda-i-Khidamdgar?
– Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan.

239. Where is India’s Permanent Research Center South Gangotri located?
– Antarctica.

240. Who is called iron man?
– Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

241. Where is Satish Dhawan’s Space Research Center located?
– Sriharikota.

242; What did Watson and Crick discover?
– Structure of DNA.

243, Article 24 of the Indian Constitution prohibits the employment of children in any factory if they are
– below the age of 14 years.

244, Who are the Indian Renaissance Mass Guktaras?
-Raja Rammohan Roy.

245. Which constitutional amendment lowered the voting age from 21 to 18?
– 61st Amendment .

246. Where was it discovered that the image of Jay Singha is printed on Indian currency?
– Sarnath.

247. How many amino acids are there in nature?
– 20.
249. The words ‘socialist’ and ‘secular’ were coined in India
-42nd Amendment Those.

250. Introduces ‘permanent settlement
– Carnavashi.

252 Which of the following Indian states was formed first on the basis of language?
– Andhra Pradesh.

253. Planning Commission is a
= non-political institution.

254. The green revolution was initiated during which Five Year Plan

255. The draft Five Year Plan was finally approved by
-the National Development Council.

256. Where was Gadar party formed?
– San Francisco.

257. The McMahon boundary line marks the boundary of which of the following two countries?
– India and China.

258 The least photosynthesis occurs
– green light.

259. Finance Commission constituted by the President
-every five years .

260. No Governor General’s tenure The Indian Civil Service was introduced?
-Lord Cornwallis.

gk question in history with pdf | indian history gk with pdf
261. Who gave Inclub Zindabad slogan.
– Tat Singh.

262. Which iron and steel industrial center is India’s largest?
-Durgapur .

263. Who was the last independent Sultan of Bengal?
– Ghiyasuddin Masud Shah.

264. Who introduced the policy of Subsidiary Alliance?
– Wellesley.

265. The ‘Neel Rebellion’ of Bengal took place in

266. The President of India is elected
– by elected members of the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and Legislative Assemblies.

267. Murshid Quli Khan shifted his capital from Dacca to where ?
– Murshidabad.

268. Who founded the School Book Society?
– David Hare.

269. Who or who led the Khilafat movement ?
-Muhammad Ali and Saikat Ali.

270. Kapildhara Falls Location
– On Narmada River.

271. Who is the author of ‘Diba Jiban’ (Life Divine)?
– Arvind Ghosh.

272 Who was Megasthenes?
-Embassy of Seleucus.

273. In which year was Ranjit Singh’s Treaty of Amritsar signed with the British?
– 1809 AD.

274. Photosynthesis takes place in the
– grana of chloroplasts.

275. Which movement of Gandhiji is associated with Khilafat movement?
-Asohojog movement

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