Top gk questions for class 5 | top 50+ gk questions easy

gk questions for class 5 | top 50+ gk questions we are share most importantgk questions for class 5 | top 50+ gk questions

Friends, today I have brought a list of 100 Gk Question class five with Answers for all of your. In this post is you have all the general knowledge questions of class 5th. If you want to teach your child something good and  you are a student, then general knowledge questions is very helpful  for all of you.

1. What is dry ice? to solid carbon


2. Who discovered the neutron?

– Sadyuk.

3. What is the chemical name of food salt?

– Sodium chloride.

4. What is the main raw material for making glass?

– sand.

5. What are the main components of natural gas?

– Methane.

6. What is the main ingredient of toothpaste?

– Soap and powder.

7. What is coated behind the mirror?

– Silver.

8. What is resistance in chemistry?

-Sodium oxide.

9. Which is the most noble gas?

– Hydrogen.

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gk questions for class 5 | top 50+ gk questions

10. Which is the heaviest metal?


11. Which is the lightest metal?

– Lithium.

12. Which is the heaviest elemental gas?

– Radon.

13. Which is the lightest particle of an atom?

– electron.

14. Which is the most precious metal?

– Platinum.

15. What is produced when zinc or zinc is mixed with copper?


16. What is formed when tin is mixed with copper?


17. What is mixed with iron to make steel?

– Carbon.

18. What is the dry content of carbon in steel?

– 0.15-1.5%.

19. What is royal acid used for?

-To melt gold.

Top gk questions for class 5 | top 50+ gk questions easy


20. What is vinegar called?

– 4%-10% aqueous solution of acetic acid.

21. What is rectified spirit?

– 95% ethyl alcohol 5% water.

22. What is the amount of nitrogen in the air?

– 78.02%.

23. What is the amount of oxygen in the air?

– 20.71%.

24. What is the number of atoms in hydrogen?

– 2 t.

25. What substance has atomic number?

– Protein number of atoms.

26. What is the tip of a wood pencil made of?

– Graphite.

27. What is writing chalk made of?

– Calcium carbonate.

28. Which metal is most corroded?

– copper.

29. What makes acid blue litmus paper?

-in red

30. Which non-metals do not conduct electricity?

– Graphite.

31. Which is the charge neutral particle of atom?

– neutrons.

32. Which is the positively charged particle of atom?

– Protein.

33. Which is the negatively charged particle of atom?

– Electron.
34. What is used to preserve organisms and prevent decomposition?

– Formalin.

Top gk questions for class 5 | top 50+ gk questions easy

35. What is the chemical name of tear gas?

– Chloropicrin.

36. What is the total number of elements on earth?

-109 t.

37. What is the number of elements found in nature?

– 92 t.

38. What is the number of metals among the elements found in nature?

– 70 t.

39. Where is the force of gravity greatest?

– On the surface.

40. Where are the sources of renewable energy?

– Fuel cell.

41. Why is it hot if there are clouds in the sky?

-Clouds block surface heat radiation.

42. Why is it difficult to climb the mountain?

– To act apart from the gravitational force.

43. Which color cup cools tea faster?

– black.

44. In how many methods is heat transported?


45. Heat comes from the sun to the earth by which method?

– In radiation mode.

46. By which method does heat flow in solids?

– In mode of transport.

47. Which type of clothes is better to wear in summer?

– White.

48. What is the BMR of a healthy normal male?

-40 kilo calories per hour.

49. What determines the gender of a child?

– by the father’s chromosomes.

gk questions for class 5 | top 50+ gk questions with pdf

50. Pain is felt on an empty stomach in which disease?

– Gastric ulcer.

51. Which plant is composed of algae and fungi?

– Lichen.

52. What are the plants that grow on ice called?

– Cryophyte.

53. Which animal survives on mosquito larvae?

– Embusia.

54. Give an example of a bisexual animal. –


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55. Pigeon urine contains more?

– Uric acid.

56. What is the name of the special senses of fish?

– tactile lines.

57. Trachea is the respiratory organ of which animal?

– Grasshopper.

58. Who is called suicide pouch?

– to the lysosome.

59. What is the use of dioxygen in rockets?

– As a corrosive.

60. Which animal helps in locomotion?

– Duck.

61. Which animal absorbs water through skin?


62. What was the first crop used by humans?

– Wheat.

63. Name a fully parasitic plant?

– Golden vine.

64. What type of movement is seen in the leaves of Lajjavati?

– Gnostic movements.

65. What kind of proteins are there in nails?

– Keratin.

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Top gk questions for class 5
Top gk questions for class 5
Top gk questions for class 5
Top gk questions for class 5
Top gk questions for class 5

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