gk questions for class 8 and mcq || answer in english

Hi, today sharing Best gk questions for class 8 and mcq pdf with answer in english. also provide gk questions for class 8 science,history gk questions and current affairs.

Best gk questions for class 8 and mcq || answer in english

Question:-What acid is in lemon?
Ans : Citric acid.

Question:-What acid do they inject into the human body when bitten by the belata and pipa?
Ans: Formic acid.

Question:-What kind of civilization is the Indus civilization?
Ans : Civic civilization.

Question:-What are the particles in the rays of the sun?
Ans: Photon.

Question:-On which river is the city of London located?
Ans : Tem.

Question:-What cells are there in the skin of guava fruit?
Ans : Sclereide.

Question:-What is an example of a difficult conjunction?
Ans : Bone.

Best gk questions for class 8
Best gk questions for class 8

Question:-Who directed the film ‘cloudy star’?
Ans : Ritvik Ghatak.

Question:-Pather Panchali movie was released in which year?
Ans : 1955 AD.

Question:-Where is the annual meeting held?
Ans: In the collection section.

Question:-United Nation was established in how many years?
Ans : 1945 AD.

Question:-Hair color becomes black in the presence of which substance?
Ans : For carotene.

Question:-Khanua war was held in how many years?
Ans : 1527 AD.

Questions:-By whom was Prithviraj Chauhan defeated in the battle of Tarain?
Ans : Mohammad Ghuri.

gk Questions:-Which animal defecate through the mouth?
Ans : Bat.

gk Questions:-Who is the author of the novel?
Ans : Bimal Mitra.

gk Questions:-In which country is the city of Milan located?
Ans : Italy.

gk Questions:-What kind of wave is a light wave?
Ans : Electromagnetic waves.

gk Questions:-What are the two fundus of the cerebral hemispheres of the human brain connected by?
Ans : Corpus callosum.

gk Questions:-Millions of the largest cells in the human body?
Ans: Neuron.

gk Questions:-Iodine deficiency in the human body causes any disease?
Ans: Goitre.

gk Questions:-Where is the National Institute of Nutrition located?
Ans : Hyderabad.

gk Questions:-What is the name of the muscle between the chest cavity and the abdominal cavity?
Ans : Diaphragm.

gk questions for class 8 with answers in english || gk questions for class 8 science

181. Folk dance Rahul is associated with which one of the following regions of Uttar Pradesh?

(A) Eastern region
(B) Central region
(C) From Bundelkhand region
(D) From Western Region

Answer:-(C) From Bundelkhand region

182. To which professional caste do the dance dramas Surdas and Shankaria belong?

(A) Patar
(B) Bhawai
(C) Nut
(D) Bhand

Answer:-(B) Bhawai

184. Which of the following pairs is correctly matched?

(A) Nakal – Bihar
(B) Ankiyanat – Assam
(C) Tamasha – Orissa
(D) none of these

Answer:-(B) Ankiyanat – Assam

185. Which of the following is not related to dance science?

(A) Aunt
(B) Teal
(C) Bihu
(D) Ghoomar

Answer:-(B) Teal

186. The person who performs folk dance is called?

(A) Cosmic
(B) Lok Nayak
(C) Folk Dancer
(D) dancing with people

Answer:-(C) Folk Dancer

gk questions for class 8 current affairs

187. Which is not an Indian folk dance?

(A) Ghoomar
(B) Dandiya
(C) Garba
(D) Kathakali

Answer:-(D) Kathakali

188. Chapeli folk dance is related to?

(A) Arunachal Pradesh
(B) Himachal Pradesh
(C) Uttar Pradesh
(D) Andhra Pradesh

Answer:-(B) Himachal Pradesh

189. Which one of the following dances is associated with Gujarat ?

(A) Dandiya
(B) Kuchipudi
(C) Boss Dance
(D) Bideshiya

Answer:-(A) Dandiya

190. Which Indian telecom operator has recently launched Speed Pay service for its customers?

(A) Vodafone
(C) Idea Cellular
(D) Bharti Airtel

Answer:-(B) BSNL

191. Which of the following is a leap year?

(A) 1998
(B) 1994
(C) 1876
(D) 1758

Answer:-(C) 1876

192. Who used the term eco-system?

(A) P. leveller
(B) Penk
(C) V. Lal
(D) A. G Tensley

Answer:-(C) V. Lal

193. What is the non-discrimination between men and women on the basis of gender called?

(A) not to discriminate
(B) Indifference towards women
(C) Gender sensitivity
(D) none of these

Answer:-(C) Gender sensitivity

194. Where was the white tiger seen for the first time in India?

(A) Kolkata
(B) Reva
(C) Jalgaon
(D) Bhopal

Answer:-(B) Reva

195. Where is the spider called Happy face spider found?

(A) Sub-Saharan Africa
(B) Africa
(C) Europe
(D) Hawaiian Islands

Answer:-(D) Hawaiian Islands

top 100 gk questions for class 8 with answers || gk questions for class 8 current affairs || Gk questions for class 8 pdf


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