Best gk questions for class 8 and 7 with pdf

gk questions for class 8 and 7 with pdf Hello friends today we are share best gk questions for class 8 | top 65 gk questions for class 8 with pdf for 8th class all exam,so we read completely read

Best gk questions for class 8 and 7 with pdf

gk questions for class 8
gk questions for class 8

1. was the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir launched?
ans-1957, 26th Jan.
2.Which ray has the highest penetrating power?

3. O2 and 0, each other-

4. What is Oil of Vitrol?
ans- Hâ‚‚SO

6. Air contains ans-21% oxygen.

5. Air contains nitrogen

7.In which sphere are radio waves reflected?
ans-the ionosphere.

8.What is derived from Newton’s first law of motion?
ans-Definition of force

9. What follows from Newton’s second law of motion?
ans-Measurement of force.

gk questions for class 8 | top 65 gk questions for class 8 with pdf

10. Through whom does the speed of sound travel the most?

11. What is in photography?

12. 20235, 92U238 of each other
ans- Isotopes

13. What % of ethyl alcohol is in rectified spirit?


14. What is called suicide pouch?

15. Who was called Nana Saheb?
ans- Balaji Bajirao

16. Who did the Bhudan movement?
ans-Binova thought
17. Who Founder of ‘Servants of India Society’ ?
ans-Gopal Krishna Gokhale

18. Who wrote ‘New lamps for old’?
ans-Arvind Ghosh. what year is Deen e Ilahi? –

21. Who is the first elected Narapati of Bengal?

23. Who said Child is the father of the man?
ans- Words worth.

24. ‘Operation Blackboard’ is associated with whom?
ans-Basic education.

top 65 gk questions for class 8 with pdf

25. Who is the proponent of mutation theory?
ans-Hugo the Vries

26. Which hormone regulates blood pressure?

27. What is the full name of SAP?
ans-State Armed Police

28. What is the name of Sabak movie?
ans-Alam Ara.

31. What is the full meaning of URL?
ans-Uniform Resource Locator

32. Which state in India will host the 39th National Sports Will?

33.”Deodhar Trophy” is associated with which sport?
ans- Cricket

34. Which UNESCO World Heritage Site is located in West Bengal?
ans-Victoria Memorial.

35. At which place did Gautama Buddha die?


36. A part of Manbhum district is attached to which district of West Bengal?


37. Which Asian got the first Nobel Prize? ans-Rabindranath Tagore.

38. Why did Gandhi stop the non-cooperation movement?

ans-Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

39. Who wrote the book Ain e Akbari?
ans-Abul Fazal.

40. What is the whole point of Wi-Fi?
ans-Wireless Fidelity

41.Who wrote the book A Passage to India?
ans- EM Foster

42. Which Pala King built the famous Vikramsila University for Buddhists?
ans – Dharmapala

44. What is the coast of Kerala known as?
ans – Malabar

gk questions for class 8 with pdf

45. Which international organization awarded the Kanyashree project?

46. 1GB = 1 – 1024 MB 48.

47.What type of lens is used in a projector to show movies?
ans-uttol lens

What is the real name of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan?

49. Which metal is found in the largest amount on Earth’s surface?
ans – Aluminum

50. When was the Widow Marriage Act introduced?

51. What is the speed of light per second?
ans-186000 miles

52. Recently ‘Dokalam debate took place in which country?

ans-India and China

53.Azad Hind Fauj was formed in which year?
ans-1943 .


55.Where is the headquarters of dairy production World Trade Organization located?

56. What is Dr. Salim Ali famous for?
57. Who first said that atoms are indivisible?

ans-John Dalton.

58. Green house effect is mainly due to which gas?
ans- Carbon dioxide and methane.

59. What is the whole point of CD?
ans- Compact Disc

60.Which of the following information is correct?
ans-Yasin Merchant Sukar

61. Mehuli Ghosh is associated with which sport?
ans-Air rifle shooting

62. Brass changes its color in the presence of what in open air?
ans- Hydrogen sulphide

63. Mahakabi Kalidasa was the court poet of which emperor?
ans-Chandragupta II Florence Nightingale

64. Who was known as Lady with the Lamp?

65. What is the integrated chip of computer made of?
ans- Silicon

66. Which is India’s highest award in literature?

ans- Jnanpith Award

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