Best gk questions for competitive exam part-1

gk questions for competitive exam part-one

Hello friends…gk questions for competitive exam part-one today we provide most important gk questions for competitive exam part-one for UPSC,SSC,RAIL,ARMY,NAVY all competitive exam.

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3. Who presides over the Rajya Sabha of India?

Answer:- Vice President.
4. Money bills can be raised only at what level?

Answer:- Only in Lok Sabha.
5. Who appoints the Supreme Court judges?
Answer:- The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court As suggested by the President.

6. Where is Hawa Mahal located?
Answer:- Jaipur.

7. Where is Sambar Lake located? Answer:- Rajasthan.

8. Dhanraj Pillai is associated with which sport? Answer:- Hockey.

9. Hirakud dam is built on which river?
Answer: Mahanadi.

gk questions for competitive exam part-one

10. Through which HIV test is done?
Answer:- ELISA.
13. When is National Science Day observed?
Answer:- 28th February.

14. Where will Cricket World Cup 2023 be held? Answer:- In India.
15. World heritage site Bhimbetka, famous for what?
Answer:- Rock Shelte.

16. What was the code name of India Pakistan Kargil war?
Answer:- Operation Vijay.
17. Where is the headquarters of Wildlife Institute of India located?
Answer:- Dehradun.

18. Cyanocobalamin is-
Answer-Vit B12

19, the Magsaysay Award was first given in

20. Where in India did the English East India Company set up their first trade point?
Answer:- Surat.

Best gk questions for competitive exam part-2

21. Who introduced the policy of subordinate alliance?
Answer:- Lord Wellesley.

22. Who introduced Kaulinya practice in Bengal?
Answer:- Ballal Sen.

23. Who was the Viceroy when the Ilbert Bill was introduced?
Answer:- Lord Ripon.
24. Who edits Indian Mirror magazine?
Answer:- Surendranath Banerjee.
25. Atish Dipankar belongs to the period of which ruler?
Answer: – Pal.

26. When did the Quit India Movement take place? Answer:- In 1942.

27. Who was the initiator of Kheda and Champaran movement?
Answer:- Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
28. When was the establishment of Bharat Sabha (1987)?
Answer:- Calcutta.

29. Deenabandhu Mitra narrates the story of indigo farmers in which book?
Answer:- Neeldarpan.
30. In which book or novel does Bankimchandra, the composer of ‘Vandemataram’ music use it?
Answer:- Ananda Math.
31. Who was the founder of Deccan Education Society?
Answer:- GG Agarkar.
32. Who was the founder of Arya Samaj?
Answer:- Dayananda Saraswati.
33. The full words of NITI Aayog are-
Answer:- National Institution for Transforming India

Best gk questions for competitive exam part-3

34. Water sharing between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu is the cause of the last dispute over the river whose name is-
Answer:- Kaveri.

gk questions for competitive exam

35. The Great Barrier Reef is a
Answer -coral.
36. Who is the creator of Mudrarakshasa?
Answer: – Visakhdatta.

37. Who took the initiative to replace Calcutta Medical College?
Answer:- Lord William Bentinck

38. At which place did Tevaga movement start?
Answer:- Bengali.

39. Who introduced Shivaji and Ganapati festivals?
Answer:- Balgangadhar Tilak.

40. Who came to India during the reign of Chandragupta II?
Answer- Fa Hien.

41. Who was the editor of Bandematram newspaper?
Answer:- Arvind Ghosh.
42. What is the working principle of ‘hydraulic press’ machine?
Answer: – Pascal’s formula.

43. First five year plan of India started with?
Answer:- In 1951.
44. When was the Pakistan proposal accepted?
Answer:- In 1940.

Best gk questions for competitive exam part-4

45. Chemically aspirin is-
Answer-Acetyl Salicytic Acid.
46. BCG vaccine is given against which disease?

Answer:- Tuberculosis.

47. What are computer IC’ chips made of?
Answer- Silicon.
48. Hindi is the official language mentioned in which article of the constitution?
Answer:- 343.

49 Which Indian became the first member of British Parliament?

Answer: – Dadabhai Naurji.

50. Who was the editor of Young India?
Answer:- Mahatma Gandhi.

51. Reserve Bank of India was established in which year?
Answer:- In 1935.

52. Who is the architect of Odantapuri University?
Answer: Gopal.

55. Who introduced telegraph and railway in India?
Answer:- Lord Dalhousie

56. In which year the Railway Board was established?
Answer:- In 1905.

57. Who wrote ‘Kadambari’?
Answer: – Banbhatta.

58. Right to education in the Indian constitution is a type of right principle?
Answer:- Fundamental rights.
59. In which state do ‘Chakma’ people live in India?

Answer:- Tripura.

gk questions for competitive exam part

60. Which round table meeting did Gandhiji attend?
Answer:- The second round table meeting.
61. Who is the founder of Home Rule League?
Answer:- Balgangadhar Tilak.

62. Who is known as ‘Punjab Keshari’?
Answer:- Lala Lajpat Roy.
63. Glaucoma occurs in which part of the human body?
Answer:- Eyes.

64. “National Voter’s Day” is celebrated on which date?
Answer: 25th January.

65. Where is Qutubuddin Aibak’s “Aai Din Ka Jhopra” located?
Answer:- Ajmer.
66. Spring Tula is based on which principle?
Answer: Joule’s law.
67. Why is the inside of the photographic camera made black?
Answer:- So that the reflection of light does not happen.

68. Kuchipuri dance is a dance of which Indian state?
Answer:- Andhra Pradesh.

69: During whom did the famous Ilbert debate take place?
Answer:- Lord Ripon.

gk questions for competitive exam part-5

70. Who introduced the Subordinate Alliance system?
Answer: Wellesley.

71. The organic compound used in welding and artificial ripening is-

72. Resistance of metal as temperature increases-
Answer – increases.
73. Who founded Tattvabodhini Sabha?
Answer:- Devendranath Tagore.

74. Which Article of the Indian Constitution empowers Parliament to amend the Constitution?
Answer:- 368.

75. What is Hariprasad Chaurasia famous for?

Answer:- Flutist.

76. Which Sikh Guru received the title Sacha Badshah?
Answer:- Guru Har Govinda.

77. Who was the first Governor General of independent India?
Answer:- Lord Mountbatten.

78. In which unit is electric charge measured? Answer:- Coulomb.

79, What is a spectrometer?
Answer:- Spectrometer.
80. Money bill is defined in which section?
Answer:- Section 110.

81. Tuberculosis is responsible for-
Ans:- Bacteria.
82. The first newspaper published in India was- Answer:- Bengal Gazette.

84. Which was the first computer language?

85. Islets of Langhorne are seen where?
Ans:- Pancreatic part.

86. The disease caused by Rh factor is-
Ans:- Erythroblastosis fetalis.
87. Attorney General is mentioned in how many articles of the constitution?
Answer:- 76.

88 Commission is mentioned in how many sections? Answer:- 324.

89. Which constitutional amendment act is called a mini-constitution?
Answer:- 42nd.

90. What is contained in clauses 14 to 18?
Answer: Right to equality.

91. Where is Mettur Dam?
Answer:- In Kaveri river.
92. Where is Chukha hydroelectric station?
Answer:- In Bhutan.

93. What is the mirror used to view the rear view of the car?
Answer: Convex.
94. ‘Diopter’ is a unit of any type of lens.

95. What is the chemical name of Glauber’s salt?
Answer:- Sodium Sulphate.

96. Which gas is used in making ‘Banaspati’ Ghee’?
Answer:- Hydrogen.

97. States formed on the basis of first language are—
Answer:- Andhra Pradesh.

98. Constitution of India was first amended in which year?
Answer:- In 1951

99. On which date is Earth farthest from the Sun? Answer:- 4 July.

100. Where is India’s largest oil refinery located?

Answer:- Jamnagar.
101. What is measured by ‘Richter scale’?
Answer:- Intensity of earthquake.
102. What is the meaning of the word ‘cutch’?
Answer:- Jalamoy Dev.
103. Which temple is known as ‘Black Pagoda’?
Answer:- Suryamandir.

104. Where is Kirti described in Nasik Prasthi?
Answer: Gautamiputra Satakani.
105. Which Sikh Guru was killed by Aurangzeb?
Answer:- Shuru Teg Bahadur.
106: What is the name of the king who established Harihara and Mana?
Answer: Vijayanagar.
108, What is the name of the designer of our national flag?
Answer:- Pingali Venkaiah.

109. Date on which the Constitution of India was adopted. That day is-
Answer:- 26 November 1949.

110. Ministers of the State Government are jointly responsible to whom? Assembly.

111. Which food is called protein rich food?
Answer:- Carbohydrates.

112. What is the calorific value of one gram of fat?

Answer:- 9.3 kilocalories.

113. Where is India’s Permanent Research Center South Gangotri located?
114. The 38th Paralap divides the Uttara-
North Korea and South Korea.

115. What is the blue revolution of India associated with?
Answer:- With fish production.

116. Who built Jama Masjid in Delhi?
Answer:- Shahjahan.

117. Who is the founder of kinship?
Answer:- Raja Rammohan Roy.

118. In which year Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose left the country?
Answer:- In 1941.
119. ‘Indian Republican Army’ replaced by?
Answer: Surya Sen.

120. Medical College Calcutta was established in which year?
Answer:- In 1835.
121. Which is the most electronegative element? Answer:- Fluorine.

122. What is the whole meaning of ORS?
Answer:- Oral Rehydration Solution

123. Pradhan Mantri Ujjal Yojana was launched in which year?
Answer:- In 2016.

124. Who organized the practice society?
Answer:- P Mitra.

125. The structural functional unit of kidney is?
Answer:- Nephron.
126. Where is the headquarters of WHO?
Answer:- Geneva.

127. Operation Barga took place in which state?

Answer:- West Bengal.

128. What is the name of India’s third research center at Kumeru?
Answer:- Bharti.
129. Dual rule in Bengal ended in which year?
Answer:- In 1772.

gk questions for competitive exam part-one

130. Which state in India has the highest production of sugarcane?
Answer:- Uttar Pradesh.

131. Panchayat system was introduced in India?
Answer:- 73rd constitutional amendment
132, 14 private banks were nationalized in which Five Year Plan?
Answer:- Fourth.

133. From which year Delhi made its debut as the capital of India?
Answer:- In 1911.

134. Gandhi-Irwin Pact was signed in which year?
Answer:- In 1935

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