Best gk questions for competitive exam and 2 pdf

gk questions for competitive exam.we are share most important gk questions for competitive exam for rail,army,ssc,wbcs,wbp so read complete

General knowledge helps us make sense of the world is around us. It helps us understand the news, follow current affairs and make informed decisions. It  is also broadens our is horizons, giving us a greater appreciation for different cultures and we read

Best gk questions for competitive exam

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1. Megasthenes came to India in a hurry?
– Seleucus.

2.Who wrote ‘Harshacharita’?
– Banbhat .
3. Who composed Indika?
– Megasthenes.

4. Who took the title of Shakari?
– Chandragupta II.

5. What is the name of the book written by Fa-Hien?

– Fo-Foo-Ki
6. Who excelled in guerrilla warfare in India?
– Shivaji.

7. Who was the founder of Ganor Party?
– Lala Hardayal.

Best 200  gk questions for competitive exam with pdf

8. Who called Gandhiji as ‘Mahatma’?
– Rabindranath Tagore.

9. Who is called the first martyr of sepoy mutiny?
– Mangal Pande
10. Whose palace was graced by famous musician Tansen
? – Akbar.

11. In which year did Subhash Chandra Bose resign from the post of Congress President?
– In 1939.

12. Who looted the Kohinoor diamond by attacking Delhi in 1739 AD?
– Nadir Shah.

13. What is the name of Kanishka’s capital?
– Purushpur.

14. Who was the river goddess in the Vedic period?
– Saraswati.

gk questions for competitive exam and pdf download

15. Who wrote Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri?
16. Who composed ‘Panchanttra’?
– Vishnu Sharma.

17. Where did the Aryans first start living?
– Punjab.
18.Who built the famous ‘Sun Temple’ in Konark?
– First Narasimha

19. King of India submitted to Alexander I?
– amvhi..

20. What is Harshvardhan’s sister’s name?
– King Shri.

21. Which Article in the Indian Constitution gives a working definition of the Indian state?
– Article 12.

22. Gandhiji wrote ‘Hind Swaraj

‘- on a ship sailing from England to India.

23. In which article of the Indian Constitution all forms of ‘untouchability’ have been abolished?
– Section 17.
24. Who was not a member of Cabinet Mission?
— Lord Wavey.

25. Which Article of the Indian Constitution makes the right of freedom of speech of the citizens inviolable?
– Section 19

26. Which Article of the Constitution of India provides that every religious entity has religious and social services within certain limitations?
– Section 26.

27. Where are the ruins of Vijayanagara Empire found?
– Hump.

gk questions for competitive exam and pdf download

29, What does “taqavi” mean? Farmers’ Loans 110. When India became independent, who was the Congress Was the president?
– JB Kupalani .

gk questions for competitive exam


31. ‘The Mohammedan-Anglo-Oriental Defense Association was started by
– Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.

32. Stafford Cripps was a member of
– Labor Party –

33. Ranjit Singh was the leader of which movement?
– Sukarchakia Mishal.

34. X is electromagnetic radiation of very short wavelength.

35. Who organized the practice society?
– p. mitro.

36. Who laid the foundation stone of the Theosophical Society?
– Madame HP Blandatsk.

37. A plane mirror has reflections

– congruent and inverted.

38, Solar energy sources are
– nuclear fusion.

39. Resist any semiconductor with rise in temperature-

40. Which of the following is known as ‘laughing gas’?
– Nitrous oxide.

41. Who announced Communal Award in 1932 AD?
– Ramjay Macdonald.

42. Which of the following gas was released in Bhopal gas accident of 1984?
– Methyl isocyanate.

gk questions for competitive exam and pdf download

43. By which process does the sun’s heat reach us?
– Radiation.

44. Starts with Dundee March
– civil disobedience movement.

gk questions for competitive exam

45. Which metals are there in chlorophyll?
– Magnesium.

47. The term PVC used in the plastics industry stands for
– Polyvinyl Chloride.


48. Indian Civil Service (ICS) was introduced during the regime of which Governor General?
— Lord Cor.

49. Which district of West Bengal produces the most tobacco?
– Cooch Behar.


50. Which district of West Bengal passes through Karkatkranti Rekha?
– Nadia.

51. World Consumer Day is celebrated on which day?

– March 15.

52. When under whose leadership was the Indian National Army officially formed?
– Captain Mohan Singh,

53. J Muscles can be operated at will
– Sarakh is optional.

54. The National Development Council was created in


55. Where is Singalila National Park located in West Bengal?
– Darjeeling

56. What is the number of subjects included in the joint list for legislation?
– 87.

57. Which region of Harappa is associated with rice cultivation?
– Kalibangan.

58. Cause of ‘brain malaria’
– Plasmodium falciparum.

59. ‘Hydraulic press’ is associated with the working principle of the machine
– Pascal’s law.

60. If the earth had no atmosphere, the earth would have been—
– Very cold.

62. Main cause of monsoon in West Bengal
– Bay of Bengal of Indian Monsoon.

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