Top 100 gk questions for class 8 with pdf easy download

Hello friend, Today we are going to publish top 100 gk questions for class 8. It will also help for competitive exam ans class 8 and 9. General knowledge is very important fro every student.

Top 100 gk questions for class 8 with pdf easy download

1. Who is called the father of geography?

(A) Eratosthenes
(B) Herodotus
(C) Hipparchus
(D) Hecataeus

Answer:-(D) Hecataeus

2. Who first used the word Geographica for Geography?

(A) Herodotus
(B) Hecataeus
(C) Hipparchus
(D) Eratosthenes

Answer:-(D) Eratosthenes

3. Who among the following is called the father of human geography?

(A) Carl Ritter
(B) Jean Brunch
(C) Humboldt
(D) Hipparchus

Answer:-(A) Carl Ritter

4. Who is the scholar who defines geography as human ecology?

(A) Hettner
(B) Jean Brunch
(C) H.H. Barrows
(D) Eratosthenes

Answer:-(C) H.H. Barrows

Top 100 gk questions for class 8 with answers pdf |top 100 gk questions for class 8 in english

5. Who is considered the father of Geomorphology?

(A) Professional
(B) Davis
(C) Penk
(D) none of these

Answer:-(A) Professional

6. Who said that geography is the science which studies the earth considering it as the centre?

(A) Varenius
(B) Taylor
(C) Kant
(D) none of these

Answer:-(A) Varenius
Top 100 gk questions for class 8
Top 100 gk questions for class 8

8. What are the celestial bodies that revolve around the Sun called?

(A) Planet
(B) Satellite
(C) Comet star
(D) all of these

Answer:-(A) Planet

9. Who said that geology is the study of the earth’s surface?

(A) Varenius
(B) Taylor
(C) Kant
(D) Carl Ritter

Answer:-(C) Kant

11. What is a small celestial body revolving around a planet called?

(A) Comet star
(B) planet
(C) Satellite
(D) all of these

Answer:-(C) Satellite

12. Who propounded the law of planetary motion?

(A) Kepler
(B) Galileo
(C) Newton
(D) none of these

Answer:-(A) Kepler

13. When does the sun appear at midnight in Norway?

(A) 12 August
(B) 21 June
(C) 21st July
(D) March 21

Answer:-(B) 21 June

14. Who discovered the solar system?

(A) Copernicus
(B) Aryabhatta
(C) Carl Ritter
(D) Kepler

Answer:-(A) Copernicus

15. Who is called the father of the solar system?

(A) Earth
(B) Venus
(C) Saturn
(D) Sun

Answer:-(D) Sun

Top 100 gk questions for class 8 in english

18. How many constellations are there in space?

(A) 97
(B) 81
(C) 95
(D) 89

Answer:-(D) 89

19. What is the number of terrestrial planets?

(A) 5
(B) 8
(C) 4
(D) 7

Answer:-(C) 4

20. An exploding star in the universe is called?

(A) Meteor
(B) Abhinav Tara
(C) Comet
(D) all of these

Answer:-(D) Sun

21. Which of the following is a star?

(A) Earth
(B) Venus
(C) Sun
(D) Moon

Answer:-(C) Sun

22. How many minutes does the sun light take to reach the earth?

(A) 3-8
(B) 8-3
(C) 7-4
(D) 9-3

Answer:-(B) 8-3

23. Which is the farthest planet from the Sun?

(A) Buddha
(B) Pluto
(C) Varun
(D) Jupiter

Answer:-(C) Varun

24. Which planet is closest to the Sun?

(A) Buddha
(B) Pluto
(C) Jupiter
(D) Venus

Answer:-(A) Buddha

25. Which planet has phases like the moon?

(A) Mars
(B) Saturn
(C) Buddha
(D) Jupiter

Answer:-(C) Buddha

26. How much time does Buddha take to go round the Sun?

(A) 90 days
(B) 88 days
(C) 75 days
(D) 87 days

Answer:-(B) 88 days

27. Who is the fastest planet of the solar system?

(A) Mars
(B) Saturn
(C) Venus
(D) Buddha

Answer:-(D) Buddha


29. Two planets which do not have satellites?

(A) Earth and Saturn
(B) Venus and Buddha
(C) Jupiter and Buddha
(D) Mars and Saturn

Answer:-(B) Venus and Buddha

30. Which planet is called the evening star?

(A) Earth
(B) Saturn
(C) Venus
(D) Moon

Answer:-(C) Venus

32. What kind of wind is Monsoon?
Ans – Temporary.

182. Which rock particles are relatively happy?
Ans- Patalik.

33. Sandstone is a modified form of rock?
Ans- alluvial.

34. What type of waterfall is Dhuadhar waterfall?
Ans- Nick Point.

35. ‘Boss Strait’ (Boss Strait) separates which two regions?
Ans =Victoria – Tasmania.

36. Where is Nanny Industry located?
Ans – France.

top 100 gk questions  for class 8 in english

37.What types of natural plants are more common in India?
Ans- Deciduous.

38. Who classified Earth’s climate?
Ans- Vladimir Kopen.

39. India’s largest Mahisopan is located in which state?
Ans – Tamil Nadu.

40. Where is the world’s largest terrace located?
Ans- Subha.

41. Which is the largest system in the world?

42. Zebu (Zebu) cattle where can be seen?
Ans- Kenya.

43. Pirozina Hill between which two continents / countries
Ans- Spain France.

44. ‘Cheviet’ mountain between which two continents / countries
Ans-Scotland England.

45. Thien Dam is located on which river? – Ravi

46. Mount Erymus is the highest peak of which of the following?
Ans – Antarctica.

47. Which planet is called Kaliota?

48. What is the total habitable land in India?
Ans – 28 lakh sq km.

49. What is the ratio of people and land in India?
Ans- 367 people / 200 sq km.

50. what is the current name of New Amsterdam?
Ans – New York.

51. Rupnarayan is the confluence of which two rivers?
Ans – Dwarkeshwar and Shilavati.

52. Which mountain is located on the border of Nepal and West Bengal?
Ans – Singalila.

top 100 gk questions  for class 8 in english

53. In which district are Shushunia and Mama-Vaghne Hills located?
Ans – Bankura.

54. ‘Kaiga’ nuclear power plant is located in which state?
Ans – Karnataka.

55. Matla river is located in which district?
Ans-South 24 Parganas.

56. Bandipur National Park is located in which state?
Ans- Karnataka.

57. Where is Bering Strait located?
Ans- North Pacific Ocean.

58. Chhattisgarh state was formed out of which state?
Ans- Madhya Pradesh.

59. Name of the dam built on which river is Nagarjuna Sagar Dam
Ans- Krishna.

60. Which is India’s largest dam built on Mahanadi?
Ans- Hirakud.

61. A famous waterfall on Cauvery river is
Ans- Shivasmudram.

62. Which king of India is called ‘Spice Garden’?
Ans- Kerala.

63. Which is India’s largest multipurpose river scheme?
Ans- Bhakra-Nangal Plan

64. Which of the following is the major port of Gujarat?
Ans- Kandala.

65. Maithon Dam was built on which of the following rivers?
Ans-borakor .

66. What is the name of the highest peak of Andaman and Nicobar Islands?
Ans-Saddle Peak.

top 100 gk questions  for class 8 in english

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