Top 100 gk questions in english mcq format with pdf

Top 100 gk questions in english mcq format with pdf

Top 100 gk questions in english, we are going to share mcq format with pdf.It helps you to know gk questions and answers. you can download pdf. Gk is essential for any type of exam. so you should to complete gk regulary.

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250, Whose word is it all red?
Answers:- CC by Ranjit Singh

251. Who introduced the policy of ‘dominant alliance’?
Answers:-Lord Cornwallis.

252. Who founded the Asiatic Society?
Answers:-William Jones.

253. Treaty of Mangalore was signed in which year?
Answers:- In 1784.
254. Who is the last independent Nawab of Bengal?

255. When was the battle of Palashi?

Answers:-June 23, 1757.

256. Who is the author of ‘Poverty and Un British Rule in India’?
Answers:-Dadabhai Naurji.

Top 100 gk questions in english mcq format with pdf

257. How many Bangabd incidents of ‘Sixties Manvantar’ in Bengal?
Answers:-1176 Bangabd.

258. The real promoter of Wahhabi movement in India was
Answers:-Syed Ahmed.

259. When did the Santal Rebellion begin?
Answers:-1855 AD

260. First sepoy revolt started
Answers:-Mangal Pandey.

top 100 gk questions in english
top 100 gk questions in english

261. The Sepoy Mutiny was described as ‘India’s First War of Independence’

Answers:- Vinak Damodar Savarkar

262. Who led Kanpur Mahavidro
Answers:-Nana Saheb

263. Who was the Queen of England at the time of the Sepoy Mutiny
Answers:-Queen Victoria.

264. In which year was the policy of subjugation alliance and abolition policy abolished?
Answers:-1858 AD.

265, The last Mughal Emperor of India was

Answers:- Bahadur Shah II.

266. The last Governor General was

Answers:-Lord Canning.

267. Who was the first Viceroy of India

Answers:-Lord Canning.

268. Bahadur Shah II was exiled to

Answers:- Rangoon

269. The Asiatic Society was founded in

Answers:-1784 AD

Top 100 gk questions in english mcq format with pdf

270, Hindu College was established in

Answers:-1817 AD.

271. Who called Raja Rammohan Roy as India Pathik?
Answers:- Rabindranath Tagore.

272 Brahmo Samaj founded
Answers:-1828 AD.

279. Who presided over the first session of the National Congress?
Answers:-Umesh Chandra Banerjee.

273. Who is the initiator of Aligarh movement?
Answers:-Syed Ahmad Khan.

Top 100 gk questions in english mcq format with pdf

274. Name of first English newspaper published in India
Answers:-Bengal Gazette.

275. Zamindar Samiti established
Answers:-1838 AD.

276. British India Society founded by

Answers:- William Adam.

277. Bharat Sabha was established in
Answers:- 1876 AD.

278. National Congress established by
Answers:-1885 AD.

281, Who was the Viceroy at the time of establishment of Indian National Congress
Answers:- Lord Dufferin.

282. Safety Valve was theorized by
Answers:-Allan Octavian Hume.

283. How many delegates attended the first session of the National Congress

Top 100 gk questions in english mcq format with pdf

284. Who established the ‘Prayer Society’?
Answers:- Atmaram Panduranga.

Top 100 gk questions in english mcq format with pdf

285, Who was the first President of the Indian National Congress?
Answers:-Umeshchandra Banerjee.

286. When was the Bharat Sabha established?
Answers:- 1876 AD.

288. ‘Brahma Samaj’ was established by?
Answers:-1828 AD.

289. Who did the first census in India?
Answers:-Lord Mayo.

290, Santal rebellion started in how many years?

Who was the first martyr of sepoy rebellion?
Answers:- Mangal Pandey.

292. Which is the first daily Bengali newspaper?
Answers:-News anchor.

293. When was the Arms Act introduced in India?

294. Rashtraguru who is known?
Answers:- Surendranath Banerjee.

295, Which viceroy is called a ‘glorious failure’?
Answers:-Lord Lytton.

296. Maharani’s proclamation was announced by?
Answers:-November 1, 1858.

297. Who introduced the first ‘budget’ system in India?
Answers:-Lord Canning.

298. Who was the promoter of two-nation theory?
Answers:- Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

299. Who was Gandhi’s political guru?
Answers:-Gopalkrishna Gokhale.

300. Who is the founder of Hindu Mela?
Answers:-Navagopal Mitra.

301. The first Law Minister in independent India was
Answers:-BR Ambedkar

302. When did the Lahore conspiracy case begin?

303. Jallianwala Bagh massacre happened in which year?

304. In what year did the non-cooperation movement begin?
305. When was the Simon Commission formed?
Answers:-1927 AD.

Top 100 gk questions in english mcq format with pdf


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